Humorous or just a plain no-no?

We all remember the numerous memes popping up all over the place after the Mick Fanning J-bay Shark Encounter incident. Some were innocent and hilarious, others a little more crude walking on a fine line between funny and just a plain no-no. Some made you cringe others just a raised eyebrow and a little bit of confusion.

But does this KFC ad take it to a whole new level?

Attempting to promote their newest burger – the “Jacked up double crunch – next level awesome” burger. KFC South Africa has used Fanning’s incredibly scary and momentous occurrence earlier this year and perhaps made a mockery that’s gone a little bit too far? Or do you thinks it’s perfectly fine, humorous, playful, innocent?

I would love to hear how this ad makes you feel… I’ve watched it a number of times now and certainly can see the humour… but it also takes me back to the fear that washed through me and thousands of other fans that day.

And the most important question of the day…
Will you head out right now go buy this AWESOME burger.
Will you vow to never eat KFC again?!