The Flying Squirrel – TED Talks interview you must watch!

That moment you watch one YouTube video (for research purposes of course…)
AND THENN two hours later you’re trying to remember what that first video you initially watched was?

My last blog post which talked about viral marketing had me doing exactly this!

BUT I did happen to come across an absolutely awesome interview of 6 year old Quincy Symonds… a.k.a Flying Squirrell. Surfing and Skating since she was 4, this little shredder could definitely be considered a worthy contester as one of the best 6 year old surfers & skaters on the planet. This interview came about because of her talent that did indeed go viral! Go Flying Squirrel Go!
Which is why it only seemed fitting to share it with you guys… (other than the major cute factor and her incredible talent).

If you’re a surf/skate lover or talent yourself… or more of an oh I wish I was like that when I was a kid (like me), you definitely need to give this a watch.
One does not feature on TED Talks without reason.

Cheers, hope you enjoyed! Let me know if you know any other incredible people who’s talent went viral?!


One thought on “The Flying Squirrel – TED Talks interview you must watch!

  1. Quincy has to be the cutest and most talented 6 year old ever! For the love of TED Talks! Great post. Nice and succinct and relevant. Who goes on Youtube for a purpose and actually only watches what they intended to? I feel like this kind of person would make me uneasy ha.
    In respect to talented people who went viral this 4 year old pianist is insane!

    I find it interesting – beyond insurmountable talent, obviously – what gains traction and goes viral and what doesn’t. And, most of all, why? Particularly from a marketing perspective this is important to know as having marketing communication go viral – if well received – is integral to spurring positive word of mouth in the digital community. Did you find any viral marketing that gained traction which surprised you at all?

    I’ll leave you with this Active Wear video (, you’ve probably seen it, but it is every part as hilarious as it is on point, which I think has a lot to do with its quick ascent to viral stardom, but that’s just my hypothesis. What do you think? Enjoy!


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