Web reporting… Heck lets call it Surf Reporting

Not the most attractive word is it.
Web reporting… Heck lets call it Surf Reporting.
Still not appealing.
No I didn’t think so either. But the more I think about it, well attempt to, curiosity and intrigue starts to get the better of me.

It’s all about how business measure their performance of meeting their customer needs in the online world. As Bob Napier infamously stated, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” So what does this mean? It means that in order to know exactly how your brand is performing online you need to have specific tools to measure all the little nitty gritty aspects that overall, drive continual improvements in the online experience for customers, and future potential customers. [check out this vid if you really want a detailed explanation of digital analytics].
Now thats the very, very, basic, kind of, theory… lets try and apply it to a particular brand and clear the waters a little.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 12.32.53 pmQUIKSILVER©

Quiksilver is one of three of the most dominant surf brand going ’round. Alongside Ripcurl and Billabong, it rules the retail world for mountain and ocean lovers. But their online presence was slightly lacking, until now…

Firstly, there are three facets to web matrics and marketing research. Internet, mobile and cloud computing. Recently quiksilver has taken the cloud computing approach and teamed with Demandware, an enterprise cloud commerce platform, to expose their brand even further on a global scale. This came from the realisation that the brand was growing slowly globally in comparison to its competitors. The initial implementation started with 60 new sites across Europe.. this lead to a whopping 65% increase in revenue in 2013! Implementation has since spread to North America, Russia and Brazil, with the current plans for the cloud platform extending to the Asia Pacific region this year! Yew!

The purpose of this change, and really the change all business’/brands should be making in their online world, if they haven’t already… is to apply and aim to reach each of the following objectives, of which apply to the particular business of course, (as defined by Googles Digital Analytics Academy)…

for e-commerce sites = to sell products / services .1.
for lead generation sites = collect user information for sales prospectives .2.
for content publishers = encourage engagement and frequent participation .3.
for online information/support sites = help users find what they are looking for at the .4.
right time
for branding = to drive awareness and engagement and loyalty of the brand .5.

For instance, Quiksilvers primary objectives would be #1 – sell products, #3 – user engagement and visitation, 5# brand awareness and loyalty. These are then able to be focussed on, managed and further measured through the use of web analytics. Rather than mere site maintenance.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 12.31.32 pm

The awareness of combinations of online business goals has been emphasised by Quicksilvers global digital senior vice-president, Nicolas Foule. As stated in a an interview with ComputerWeekly.com,  “a lot of people say if you have the right e-commerce platform you can do it, but that’s not true – you need the right OMS [order management system], enterprise resource planning tool, and to link that to the point of sale in the stores as well as your e-commerce platform. It’s an overall ecosystem, which is pretty complex.” ~ I think this is a great summary of why Quiksilvers marketing makeover has scored a perfect 10; because they are aware that it is not just one element that leads to surf trippin’ good ol’ times, but multiple elements/objectives combined together.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 12.32.41 pm

Quiksilver are loving their new online exposure scheme, delivering a highly branded and integrated content and commerce experience, providing a unified look and feel globally that screams get on your board in OUR gnarly gear! The websites incorporates product information, reviews, rad imagery and videos you’ll be frothin’ over, blogs with epic snow and surf stories, how-to’s and tips… all of these aspects rolling together to really make it an enjoyable experience. Leading to product purchase which all you online shredders will be stoked on.

Quiksilver Website Design - Cuker
Quiksilver Website Design – Cuker

From making board shorts in the Torquay beach backyard in 1969 to its current rep as the largest and most prestigious apparel company in the action outdoor sports industry (so their website tells us) Quiksilver is the global board-riding lifestyle company!

Hope you learnt a little about how a brand can turn around their marketing campaigns and use marketing metrics to really improve their online performance, how to drop into that 50ft barrel that is the internet, and come out the other side, arms raised and cheering!  Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 12.35.55 pm

Do you know any other cloud hosting sites? Were they successful?


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